Taking The Ball Early

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Taking the ball early Rally Drills -Both players have cones approx 2 meters in front of base line (depending on players skill level. -Players ...

Taking The Ball Early: One Up, One Back

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis Taking the ball early: One up, One back Volley Drills Players rally up and down the middle of the court with 1 player at the baseline and one ...

Taking The Ball Inside The Court

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Taking the ball inside the court Rally Drills Both players rally up and down the middle of the ... Taking the ball early: One up, One back Dri...

Using The Body

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Using the Body Forehand Drills The coach and player rally together. Each player has to firstly touch the ball with one body part, and then he/...

3 Progressive Returns

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis 3 progressive returns Serve and Return The coach stands on the service line (ad side), and the player starts from the baseline. The coach serv...

Forehand Plus Development

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Tennis Forehand plus development Coordination / Fun Games Coach rallies with player. Player alternates hitting forehand and catching/throwing forehan...

Serve And Body Ball

category: Movement

Tennis Serve And Body Ball Movement Player serves the ball, and immediately after serving, the coach tosses a deep ball into player's body. The playe...

Restricted Space

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Restricted Space Rally Drills Two players play out a point and they are not allowed to step outside of the back of the court (resticted area)....

Web Videos

Tennis of the 1870s (1938)

Lullingstone Castle, Kent. Only a brief section of visuals for this item currently exist (soundtrack continues throughout). Between 01:39:53 and 01:40...


Tactical aspects faced in the match

Develop tactical awareness to understand what shot to play, where to recover to and ultimately to create point winning opportunities.



Community Drills

4 shots- tennis

4 different types of shots on the move Keep moving feet constantly. Prepare early for shots

Cross Court Angle/Depth Control

Player A is hitting crosscourt with the coach and trying to progress through the four cones with Increased angle early on to increased depth on each s...

Activity 1

Smash Goals Players are aiming to direct their smashes cross court where coaches have set up goals Players get 5 shots each then swap with there partn...

"OPEN" cross court

Players play the point out xcourt 1 on 1 using the doubles alley. Once the first players finish their point they yell out "open" and the poi...