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The coach feeds the ball from the basket to player 1 who is moving forwards to play a 1st volley.

As the coach makes contact with the ball player 1 must split step and aim to meet and hit the 1st volley on or inside the service line. They must play this ball deep down the line, whether it is a forehand or backhand volley and once this ball has been made, the point is live.

Player 2 moves to whichever side the ball has been hit to and attempts to pass player 1 down the line.

The point is played out in this way, first to 11 points before the players switch ends.

Coaching points

Player 1 should nearly always win this drill, but should be reminded not to overplay the first volley. They are not looking to hit a winner off this ball, simply to put themselves in a strong attacking position by volleying deep and being aggressive with their movement.

This may be enough to force the error from player 2. Player 2 equally must look to make the pass somehow. They are allowed to lob if they wish, but due to the fact they know where the volley is going, this must be down the line to make the drill realistic.


To extend it to become a passing shot drill, it can be opened up so that player 2 can go anywhere with the pass, posing more difficulty for the volleying player to win the point.

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