Tennis Drill Demonstration


-Both players have cones approx 2 meters in front of base line (depending on players skill level.
-Players gain a point each time they hit between the cone and the base line.
-One of the players has to stay on or inside the baseline.
-With more advanced players both have to play on or inside the baseline.
-First player to 11 points wins the game.
-To make the drill easier it can be played on one half of the court and later progressed to full court.
-The game can also be started with a second serve.

Coaching points

  • Advice players to anticipate the direction of the ball early by reading the body shape of the opponent (i.e. if opponent slightly leaning back or streching the shot is likely to be weaker etc.) or by watching the contact point very carefully.
  • To maintain good balance players should keep close to the ground to maintain low centre of gravity.
  • Coach must match the drill with the skill level of players in order not to demotivate them.

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