Tennis Drill Demonstration


Players are rallying up and down the centre of the court in the usual way.

When either player decides to, they can change the flight path of the ball and hit an aggressive topspin loop to push the opposing player to the back off the court.

The point is then live and the players play first to 11 points.

The player who has hit the aggressive loop can wait to see what damage their shot has done to their opponent before deciding where to position themselves on the court.

If the loop has been played well and deep, the player may look to sneak into the net after it as it is likely the opponent will hit a weak reply.

However if the loop has not been hit deep enough it may provide the opponent with a slower midcourt ball so the player must be ready to defend if this is the case.

Coaching points

Players who are looking to sneak in to the net after a loop must get the timing of their movement forward right.

It's useful to tell players to watch their opponent moving backwards to hit the shot and when they see their head/eyes move upwards watching the ball onto their racket, this is when they should sneak into the net. If they try to sneak too early they are at risk of getting passed and not getting the weak reply they intended, or if they move forward too late they can get caught in no man's land.

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