Tennis Drill Demonstration


Player 1 is working in the full court and player 2 in half court, starting with the backhand corner.

The coach (or player 3) feeds a very short ball/ dropshot that player 1 must chase down and push back deep into the corner where player 2 is waiting.

Player 2 must then attempt to hit a winning topspin lob aggressively over player 1 who has moved to the net after playing the dropshot.

Player 1 can try to chase down the lob if it goes over their head or smash/ volley it away into the backhand corner if the lob is not good enough.

Players switch ends before repeating the drill to the other corner.

Coaching points

Player 2 must ensure they get right underneath the ball and hit the lob aggressively with topspin if they can. This helps to bring the ball back into the court and also in a match situation will help to disguise the fact that a lob is being hit.

NOTE: a good reply to a dropshot by player 1 would usually be a dropshot in return. However, for the purpose of the drill it is important that player 1 plays the response to the dropshot deep back into the corner so it is realistic for player 2 to practise the lob from this ball.

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