Tactical aspects faced in the match

The focus of this week's session is to develop your players tactical awareness and skills to create an advantage over the opponent. The session looks at defensive shots to recover court position and patterns of play to create opportunities.

What?s in the Session?

Developing as a tennis player requires not only skills and knowledge but also physical conditioning. The first part of the session works the players core strength before the first practice. The Reversed Shots works the players footwork to get their feet around the ball at speed to hit difficult body line balls. The practice encourages the player to take some off the shot and add spin to get into a better tactical position and to avoid an unforced error.

The session continues, incorporating skills and awareness to develop a smart defence and encourage the player to recover at the net fast and early to be prepared for the next ball. Finally, the coach ties all aspects together and works on a pattern of play which will test the players array of shots and recovery plus let them recognise how opportunities develop.

Create players who think their way around the court.

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