Drill Categories


Approach And Rally

category: Attacking

- Coach feeds the ball short.
- Player has to hit an approach shot and then play a rally.

Attacking And Dominating With The Serve

category: Attacking

-Player 1 is serving in shaded area all the time.
-Player 2 is not allowed to stand in the tramlines before player 1 serves.
-After the retu...


category: Attacking

- Coach feeds in the ball.
- The net player can hit any ball, but cannot go behind the service line.
- Rotate after 6 points.

Attacking Backhand At The Net

category: Backhand-Drills

Get the player to stand close to the net. The coach then feeds an easy high ball to the player's backhand side. The player then executes an offensiv...

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Return Confidence

Don’t shy away from the serve! Get your players returning confidently with this week’s session!


Using the Middle to Approach and Defend

Mix things up with the middle shot! Get your players using this underrated, high-percentage shot to reduce their opponent's options and take command o...


Community Drills

Autosave 10096862

The coach feeds an easy ball to the player where he will return a normal safe ball. He will then recieve the next ball where he will progress forward ...

Autosave 1918917

A Serve from the AD side in the middleReturn high ball on the forehand side3th ball attacking highball down the line5th Ball smash


Part 1Player starts on baseline, coach hand feeds :1 Defensive FH2 Attacking FH or BH3 Defensive BH or off FH if possible4 Attacking FH or BHPla...