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Coach feeds first ball deep to the ad side. Player hits deep backhand cross-court. Coach feeds another ball short to the deuce side. Player moves inside the court and attacks down the line using forehand stroke.

Coaching points

In this drill, Player works in a fixed environment on both neutral and offensive shots. First shot is to hit using neutral backhand stroke where player should focus on good depth and power to force opponent to hit weaker response. After that, Player receives easier ball to the forehand side. Coach should pay attention to ensure that Player moves in and hits a more offensive forehand down the line. It is important to add more spin to this shot to reduce the chance of errors through increased power. As the goal is to learn offensive shots, Coach doesn't have to focus too much on targets. On the other hand if Player is more advanced and wants to improve offensive strokes under increased stress, Coach can award points for good shots in the zone and also subtract points after mistakes.

Drill tags: backhand, depth, footwork, forehand, movement, positioning, tennis

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