Get comfortable inside the court

What would you rather play against, someone who is predictable, sits behind the baseline and puts minimal pressure on you? Or someone who is constantly changing their position, their shots and dictating to you where to go? We know who we?d rather be. Produce players ready and willing to move about the court to play a variety of shots!

What's in the Session?

This session is all about creating plays by mixing up forehands with volleys and attacking the short balls to gain an advantage. The warm up gets the heart rate up and focuses on creating a muscle memory with the player practicing shots with a dumbell rather than a racquet. The body of the session moves on, encouraging the player to take advantage of their movement around the court to punish short balls and force mistakes with a variety of shots. If it?s a serve to forehand combination or a backhand to move into the net to set up a winning volley, this session has it covered!

It?s time to build a player ready to pounce upon any chance the opponent gives them. Encourage them to think their way through a game and to not get stuck playing the same way.

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