Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player starts on the service line.
  • Coach stands close to the net and feeds the ball off own side.
  • Player sprints forward and hits finishing angle volley on the run.

Coaching points

In this drill player works on offensive running volley. Playing on the run is risky because player has to control body in motion but it also has many tactical benefits in tennis. Being at the net is a situation that player can use to win points in shorter time but wrong execution or late reaction can transform easy opportunity into really difficult task. Many players don’t have a habit to play short balls on the run so they allow ball to drop below the net level. From tactical standpoint player has more opportunities for offensive play while hitting volleys from above the net so coach should teach players what they can do to do it consistently. One of the options is to quickly react to short ball and play this shot on the run. Players should learn how to use physical and technical skills to play running volley with high effectiveness.

Drill tags: approach, attack, movement, tennis, volley

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