category: Passing

Keep your player briefing short. Tell your players the following....

  1. Pass the ball left, clockwise for 2 passes.
  2. Then right (...


category: Agility-Running-Skills

1) Run down channels 1/2 / 3/4 pace.
2) No forward passes.
3) Use 6 balls / 6 runners at the same time.

1) Speed...

Crossover Relay

category: Passing

Keep your player briefing short. You may consider having a demonstration group.

  • Give two players opposite each other, one ball each.

Grids Part 5

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Put a number of cones in the grid.
Players have to swerve round them / sidestep them / go to left and right of them.

Put two more ball in w...

Web Videos


Running Lines and Fixing Defenders

Create doubt in the defender's mind by getting your ball carrier to run straight with the ball, and support runners to run good lines to create depth ...


Community Drills

Seek gab and offload

'Red' recieves ball and sidesteps into gab.when dragged both tacklers 'Red' offloads to 'Yellow' which is running in support.- Pick correctly body sid...

SAQ (Benji style)

Bewegingen zonder bal.1) trappetje lopen met hoge knieën2) Rondje om de cone loop er eerst langs en ga er achterwaarts omheen.3) Sidestep bij de blauw...

Drill 2

Pulse Drill Multiple Set up Player stands at start On Whistle Sprints to Blue Cone rotates around the cone clockwise Sidesteps onto Yellow cone turns...

Drill 1

Split team into equal groups .Try to match players of equal speed levels On Whistle Players Negotiate Ladder using side step technique, Players then S...