Rugby Drill Demonstration


The drill starts with 2 attackers in blue, standing behind one another, 5m from the 1st defender/attacker in red.

  1. The blue players attacks the red defender, once they pass him the defender/attacker joins the attacking team in one motion - therefore 2 players will be ahead with 1 backup supporter creating a 3v2 situation.

  2. The 3 attackers now attack the 2 red defenders.

  3. Once the attackers beat the 2 red defenders the two defenders also join the attack to make it a 5v3.

The 3 defenders at the end stay on. The 2 attackers, 2 defenders and 1 defender must be replaced by new player to keep the drill continuous and stimulating

Coaching points

  • Attack with pace and keep the ball in 2 hands
  • Keep the tempo of the drill high
  • Make sure the 1st, 2nd and 3rd defending lines are well spaced
  • Players must play to attack space
  • Use mismatch to create space for themselves or to draw defenders and make space for support


Players need to learn how to read different situations on the field. For them to apply the technique of passing under pressure is the true practise of a skill. The players need not only pass well, but they must be able to time their pass, this coupled with a good running line or sidestep is the result of a skillful attacking player.

It is nice to finish a session with a live game such as this, where the emphasis must still be on passing.

This game can be progressed to contact.

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