Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell players the following....

  1. Each Player will work individually, unless told otherwise.
  2. Players can run in any direction: moving forward or side to side.
  3. They must remain within the grid trying to avoid contact by running into space, sidestepping for example.
  4. They will have a ball each.
  5. When the coach calls stop, all players must be at least 1m from the nearest player.
  6. From time to time players will be ask to do things e.g. 1 press-up. Following completing the instruction - players should keep moving.
  7. You will be asked to pass your ball - before doing anything make sure you communicate with another player, you agree to pass to each other, and then you make the pass!
  • This part of your warm-up should be no more than five minutes.

Coaching points

You don't have to focus on all of the following, pick the coaching points that most match your training goals!

  • Players carry the ball in two hands.
  • Players demonstrate a range of movement e.g. forward, side to side, backwards motion etc.
  • Player listen and respond quickly to instruction.
  • Players scan the area around them and make decision and predictions based on what they see.
  • When asked to pass: players weight the pass in terms of distance, speed, and accuracy. They use a passing style that is appropriate - and they communicate before, during, and after the pass.
  • Players are always moving, they are always on the balls of their feet.
  • Players attack, and seek out space.
  • Players use changes in foot speed.


  • The STOP target could be that players are in increased space, players that are not in enough space could be out of the game. If you do take players out of the exercise, have something for the players to do.
  • Make the grid smaller to make finding space more of a challenge.

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