Vision and Anticipation??!!!

Vision and Anticipation??!!!

Hi guys,

Thanks for everyone that answered my question on Stats!!! I am in the process of drawing up a sheet and sharing it with those that want.

Next Question%3A I have come up with a few drills that I think will improve my players Vision, anticipation and decision making. I am wondering if anyone will share their ideas and process to improve these aspects of players especially VISION?

I know the 2v1 and 3v2 drills ext for decision making but I want to focus more on VISION and ANTICIPATION. Any ideas???

Thanks again.


Rugby CoachCoach
Rugby CoachCoach

The only thing I can add that may or may not be useful in terms of anticipation, is when you are defending, an opposing player may try to fake you out, side step or fake a pass/kick  ... your players should be looking at their belly buttons as the belly button direction is where the player is most likely to go. 
Just a small tip- but it may be helpful! Good Luck.

timothyPlayer, United States of America

Separate them; call Vision the offensive mind and Anticipation the defensive mind. Offensively we search for space or try to create it with innovative thinking. It helps to have a capacity for abstract thouht, or a free spirit. Otherwise all we do it butt heads, ruck and maul%3A and get nowhere.

Anticipation comes with experience. At first glance it would seem that it makes things a little easier. You now begin to see more and see it faster. Experience places extreme demands and great expectations on a person. Always be thinking  two steps ahead. After the stop , what's next?

It is not enough to do the  work; I must be the supreme strategist. Vision and Anticipation sometimes walk hand in hand with brute force. Everything has a time and place. Every situation is an opportunity, if we only know what to do with it.

Rugby CoachCoach

Have a game of touch/contact and stand behind one team. hold behind your back 2/3/4 different coloured cones. As the game is played, now and again hold up a cone and the team facing have to shout the colour with-in say 2 seconds. If not its an automatic turnover (if team is attacking) or a 5m pen is defending. 

Be creative, move about the pitch.

Other game is start 4 players in a diamond shape. all facing away from 2 defenders. Throw the ball to one of the 4 attackers, they must all turn and attack teh senario in front of them. So they have to scan the defence, where the ball is, where support is. Also mix up defence, have side by side, wide, infront of each other etc so its different.

Autosave 61171261

This drill has no description.

Autosave 61171261

This drill has no description.

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