Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Exercise aimed at attackers staying square when running towards a defender in order to fix them to the spot and then spin a pass out to the side.
  • Attackers start on a cone, before running towards a cone 3m away
  • On that cone, the attacker sidesteps (drops the shoulder) and goes the other way
  • Running straight now, the attacher goes towards the tackle tube (or whichever necessary object) in front of them and before 'contact' spins the ball out to the opposite side
  • For example, if the player stepped towards the left, the pass is made to the player waiting on the right side of the area.

Coaching points

  • The whole exercise needs to be at match intensity to replicate realism
  • The sidestep should be quick, you can introduce a passive defender instead of a cone for players to step round
  • Focus on accuracy of pass first, before encouraging them to increase the speed and flatness of the pass.

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