Side Step

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Side step Agility & Running Skills Set up as shown in diagram Groups of 3 in 10 x 10m grid. 1 Ball per group. Coach to call Left or Right to en...

Side Step Practice

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Side step practice Agility & Running Skills Simple game for players to work on their ability to side step and beat opponents 1 v 1. The defende...

Step Up

category: Sevens

The attacker goes when ready, and must round either the top or bottom cone. · The defender must mirror the movements of the attacker on the opposite...

Competitive Sidestep Drill

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Competitive Sidestep Drill Warm Up Two players are competing to manoeuver around the sticks or cones and get over the line. Set up sticks (or ...


2v1 Attacking Skills Session

Improve your players' 2v1 confidence and introduce them to the dummy pass, support running and offloading in this attacking session!




Community Drills

Mixing the Feet

Improving ability to push of and accelerate. 1. Set up area just like picture. 2 10m boxes, 2 slaloms cone 5m apart and 10m sprint into gates.&nb...

Fending Off Break Out Drill

Improving the abillity to fend someone off and keep attacking.1. Set up a 3m channel red, 2 green cones and 2 different coloured cones as seen in pict...

Zig Zag Bounds

Improving power in side step.1. Set up a small 5m channel and get the players to start at one end. 2. Get the player to start bounding up the cha...