Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The attacker goes when ready, and must round either the top or bottom cone.
  • The defender must mirror the movements of the attacker on the opposite side.
  • They then compete in a 1 v 1, the attacker looking to score, and the defender seeking to stop them. This is full contact.
  • When the first two have finished, the next attacker should go right away, followed by the defender.
  • Swap the attackers and the defenders around when you feel it appropriate.

Coaching points

  • Ball carriers use change in foot-speed, pace, side-steps, spins, and hand-offs to beat the defender.
  • Defender should be careful not to over commit.
  • Defenders should track, and use the touchline as an extra defender.
  • Ball carriers should not be afraid to experiment.
  • Ball carriers head should be up and reacting to what they see.
  • Ball carrier can use a dive to get to the line.

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