Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following...

  1. The first player runs into the grid, the ball carrier.
  2. They attack the inner square.
  3. When they get into that square, they then pass to a player either on their left or right before following their pass and taking the place of the receiver on the cone.
  4. The receiving player then runs into the grid and passes (left or right) before following their pass once again.
  5. Passes should be legal.

Coaching points

Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points, you may have your own. Select the points that most closely match your overall training and session goals.

  • Players should work to keep the tempo of the session high.
  • Receivers hands should be out, presenting a target.They might clap their hands to make the target clear.
  • Ball carriers carry the ball in two hands.
  • The pass is weighted in terms of distance, speed, and accuracy.
  • The pass is only complete when caught.
  • Players do not spin the ball over short distances and their pass should be sympathetic to the receiver.
  • Players can spin the pass when required.
  • Ball carriers pass to where the receiver is going to be, not where they are. Has the reciever started their run too early?
  • The receiver attacks at pace.
  • Players demonstrate good communication . Communication should be efficient, effective, and encouraging. Receivers should identify themselves, their location etc. Ball carriers should verbally seek out support.
  • Mistakes will be made, allow your players the freedom to make mistakes without feeling a failure.
  • Passing should be off both hands. There is no weak or strong hand, just hands that need a little more work. Work is the key, not talent.
  • Passers run in support of their pass, they might provide trafiic for the runner to work their way around.
  • The pass should be legal.
  • Run to the next cone from beyond the point it is passed, do not cut back.
  • Players can start to move out from the cone to receive passes on the move.
  • Practice left and right passing.
  • Progression

    Use ladders or poles inside the training area to get the ball carrier spinning, side stepping, and staying up on the balls of their feet.

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