The Backline Pass Roll

category: Movement

Netball The Backline Pass Roll Movement The GK has a back line pass. The Centre takes up her position just in middle of transverse line giving the i...

Down The Court With Defenders.

category: Decision-making

Position two lines of opposing players along the court in a straight line.

The GK faces the back wall, away from the court, throws the ball ...

Numbers Game - Quick Passing Attack

category: Small-games

Have two evenly numbered teams lining up on either side of the netball court.

To start the drill call out a number. Upon hearing the call th...

Passing Around A 3Ft Mark

category: Passing

This drill will help your players pass around a defender's 3ft mark by encouraging them to use different release points and angles.

Two feede...

Web Videos

Netball drills - the one two drill

The One Two Drill is our most difficult yet but once it's broken down I think any players who can pass and catch could give it a go! It's a great team...


Developing the Route One Ball

Improve your route one Netball with this passing and straight line ball session, helping your players create more shooting chances


Community Drills

Straight Line Cutback & Up

A's drive forward, then back down facing in to middle of box then drive forward for pass.Pass with same hand as grounded foot

Passing in Front

The player runs in a straight line passing the bal to the left and recieving it infront. They then pass the ball to the right again recieving the ball...


40 sec sprints 20 sec rest x520 sec sprints 40 sec rest x5Change of direction: 7 cones are set up in a zig-zag on the court, players have to do short ...

Attacking sprint on straight line

attacker jogs then changes pace to sprint to receive ball on straight line Knees and ankles flexed - weight on ball of footDrive forwardHead up