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What is the best way to defend a holding shooter?

What is the best way to defend a holding shooter. At the moment I am trying to get my Keeper to keep moving around the holding shooter, mixing up going behind and infront, so the feeder isn't 100% sure what the holding space is. But am struglling to think of some drills to instill the movements into the circle defenders. Look forward to hearing your fantastic suggestions, Donna

I am sure there are many ways.... I have struggled to coach this as well, however, I am a holding shooter. What I like is the player close to me, no matter what she does, I can move my body to suit - what I HATE is not knowing where she is!!! and if they stand off, I find myself following them. The ability to hold is dependant on knowing where the defender is, being close so that I use them as the basetohold from, I control the space.... I struggle against a floating defender.

Yup I agree with a floating defender. The best way I have found to defeat a holding shooter is not to allow her to hold thus giving the impression the shooter is available, and creating the opportunity for the defender to set up for an intercept.  Works most times if the defender can position herself correctly and time her intercept.  Can really frustrate a holding shooter if she is unable to hold her defender.  Good Luck!!!

A floating defender is a good way to defeat a holding shooter however if the defender floats away too much the shooter will have too much space. As far as defending in front or behind it would be determined by how close the shooter is too the ring.

a great way drill for a holding shooter is 1. have player come round the shooter, using fast feet, coming round from the right and left sid and from right around the back, turning her body on an angle so she can view the ball and be in the best postion for an intercept. this confuses the passer who wants to feed a holding shooter.  def needs to keep the head up. to increase the intensity, have the shooter slightley angle their body so def needs to adjust her body and timing. then add a passer into the drill. this drill can be done at home around a chair, or cone... particularly if they wanting to do some work at home, 

2. the next drill will help when def the shooter but from a floating positon.  come off the shooter but make sure the def are aware of what side to come off if the ball is coming down a certain side you want to be off the player the would force the passer to change her pass from a straight line to more of an angled pass, by doing this it is making the def job easier to intercept, have to passers about 3m away from each other continually passing, the def comes in from behind and intercepts with the outside hand, the def can then return the intercept and make a fig 8 around the other passer and go for another intercept... increase the distance of the passers, as well as have the def come from either side so they get used to both left and right side intercepting



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