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Set up: At least 6 players form equal lines in a triangle formation. One ball.

  • Players are to pass the ball to either of the other two lines then move to the opposite line.
  • The aim is to keep all 3 lines balanced so there is always someone to pass to. No post is to be left with just one player.
  • Set goal for players to be able to maintain lines for 30 seconds.

Coaching points

  • Pass and move under pressure, racing the clock.
  • Decision making at speed.
  • Applicable to any position on court.
  • Players are to understand the importance of balancing court and to be a reactive player after they have passed.


  • As players become more confident, they can choose what line to move into which forces more decision making i.e. not always the opposite line to the pass.
  • Introduce defender in the middle. Aim of defender is to force errors i.e. intercept or unbalanced lines. 
  • See MAD with defender.

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