Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: 1 third space (width), 3 players, 4 cones, 1 ball.

3 cones are set up midway across the width of the court in a gentle V shape, another cone is placed in line with the middle cone about 5 m in a straight line.

One player ( the feeder) stands on the lone cone with the ball. The other 2 players stand on the opposing sideline. The feeder calls ‘go’ and the two players runs traght out to the first cone and then split in a V to the cone on their side. The feeder decides who to pass to. Focus is on speed ones the two players split. 

Coaching points

Players need to drive hard and fast once they hit the middle cone.

The feeder should deliver the ball in front of the attacking player so they can run on to it. 



Defender becomes active and drives with the attacking player. Once the defender is active, attacking players may fine they need to do a double movement before they become free.

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