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Footwork Drills

The footwork drills and videos below will ensure your players don't give away free passes when catching, lunging, landing, pivoting, and passing. Foot...


2 vs 1 Passing

3 Players; 2 Attack and 1 Defence set up in an area of court relevant to their positions.

The marked attacker passes the ball to the other an...

Defenders Dictating Play

Create a narrow channel for 2 attackers and 2 defenders to work in, from the centre circle to the end of court.

Have a feeder on each side of...

Face Forward

Players must face the same direction the whole way round (direction faced indicated by small arrow) - to achieve this they should:

Sprint al...

Run and follow

Position 4 red players on the first 4 cones of the tree and 4 blue players in a queue at the base of the tree.

Like a pendulum, blue players...


Providing Options around the Circle

Delivering the ball into the circle for the GS and GA requires sharp passing and clever movement and decision making. Improve each aspect of playing i...

Intercepting Passes

Get the opposition playing right into your hands as your defenders dictate their movements