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Tips for a "late take off" footwork?

Hi all coaches - any tips on how to coach a player who is getting pulled up for "late take off" footwork - i find it difficult to explain clearly - Thanks! Alison

i had to go and look this up, but its stepping.  ie...the player is caching the ball and landing on one foot (the grounded foot) stepping onto the other foot and releasing the ball AFTER she has put the grounded foot back down.  

We don't use the term "late takeoff" in the comps I umpire (Sth Aust) and just call it "stepping" so I may not understand your problem correctly. If the "late take off" refers to the trailing foot being still on the ground when ball is caught and then a step on with that foot regrounding in front, you could focus on training your offending player(s) to catch in the air pulling the ball in towards them on the take to avoid a lazy trailing foot habit and help with balance on landing. This is how 99% of catching should be done by all players anyway. Perhaps your player doesn't understand what she is actually doing wrong and may need some further explanation/demonstration.  I also had a player who had a trailing foot issue in the past but became much better with being picked up for it regularly at training matches over a couple of seasons and with improved fitness, shortening/quickening of stride on the run. 

You could try telling your player to land on both feet so she's not off balance when catching the ball and looking for an option. In training you could maybe explain to her what she's doing and why she's getting pulled up. You could show her yourself what she's doing and then show her the right way to do it, she mightn't even know she's doing it, sometimes I find it helpful to see what I'm doing wrong because I might feel like it's right. You could slow it right down and have her run onto a pass and really exaggerate the landing whether it be landing on both feet and stepping onto one foot or landing on one foot and stepping onto the other without moving the grounded foot so she can pivot and keep her balance. As a player it was always a bad habit of mine to step onto one foot when I had the ball but I would loose my balance or be unable to turn to find an option, it just takes a lot of reminding to break the habit. Hope that helped a little bit. Good luck with your coaching :)

i see a lot of late take off in games and the players dont realise they are doing it.  it happens when a player thinks they are in the air when they receive the ball and then land on one foot then the other. However, they either have had one foot or both in a lot of cases when they receive the ball and then take two steps meaning they have grounded the landing foot and therefore called for footwork. It is a timing issue for the player and once they are made aware of it can usually rectify. Hope this helps

thanks so much to all of you for your varied advice from around the world - off to training in an hour to enlighten the "Late-take-offers" :)

Kim Crowther your comment was spot on. I get pulled up for this occasionally and I think it's something that creeps in for me when I am travelling at speed (which is quite often!) 


Love this site btw!

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