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does anyone have any drills to stop a whole team from stepping?

My team has girls from 12-14 who step and get pulled up all the time. They have been playing for years but can't stop stepping. Does anyone have any drills that might help

Have you tried putting a coin in there shoe? Put a coin in the shoe which they should land on. I have found this worked with a few 9 and 10 year olds that I have coached. Tracy

THe coin drill is good, i generally go through in detail the best ways to land, how to make them aware of the foot they are landing on first etc. THen i have the whole team jogging up and down the court continuously, as I call out their name they are to stop succesfully without stepping - this way they can feel when they step & explain why they did then start running again and have another go the next time their name is called out. my girls have gotten the hang of the whole stepping thing by repeating this little activity a couple of times.

I use hurdles a lot and get girls to land 1 2 step over a hurdle. Get some one to pass with the rest of the team lined up facing the passer. Then the girls drive for ball land over the hurdle 1 2 and give the ball back to passer. I then progress by calling right foot (this means they must land right foot first, then left foot. It works for 5yr olds to 10 yr olds so can work for older girls.

A really basic way to get players aware of which foot they're landing on is to have them throw a ball to themselves up and slightly in front and to go forward to catch it paying attention to which foot they land on. I tell them to think: 'Catch - one -two'. Catch (the ball) - one - two (steps). This also helps them to not stop moving until they have the ball in their hands.

I like to get the girls in 3 lines. The first line passes the ball while the second line gets the pass. The third line (standing on the side) has to call the foot that the player in the second line lands on. Switch positions. The aim of the drill is to make players be aware of landing foot and for others to be aware of the same.

All of these sound great I have also used Mickey, Mouse, Goofy. Mickey for the first foot, Mouse for the second foot and if they get to Goofy then they have stepped.

Thanks i may try the coin one and am going to do some hurdles... If you have anymore plz tell me.

hay there,

get them on the tranverse line and keep them running to a line and been. Blow your whistle for them to stop if they step get them to go back and start again make them do it 5 times without stepping WORKS :)


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