Good Court Positioning

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Good court positioning Rally Drills -Learning correct positions enhances court coverage and enables the player to respond to the most likely s...

Volley And Positioning Variations

category: Movement

Tennis Volley and positioning variations Movement Player starts from the baseline and moves forward after every shot. Coach throws balls at different...

Proper Positioning

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Proper positioning Forehand Drills Red cones are set on deuce side; yellow cones are set on the ad side. The coach throws balls to the ad side...

Attack & Position

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Attack & Position Forehand Drills Coach feeds easy ball around the service line. Player attacks using forehand and moves forward to the net.


The Real World of Volleys

Movement, anticipation and touch are all vital to the success of volleying from any part of the court. Develop each aspect with a variety of volleying...

The Serve for Juniors

Develop your juniors serve by starting with the fundamentals. As such a vital part of the game, making training effective yet enjoyable is a must, so ...


Backhand grip

Community Drills

Warm Up

Split and Catch Using the big balls Players work with partner where their partner has to move forward from the cone, split on the blue mat, catch and ...

Pull the trigger challenge

Coach feeds the ball to player's FH or BH side. They play the point out xcourt. Whoever wins gets 1 pointt. At any time either player can " pull ...