Forehand slice to dictate points and force errors

The modern game trends are all about big booming forehands, yet this session will make your players recognise that there is more to the game. It shows how the forehand slice can control points and force errors from the opponent.

What’s in the Session?

Start off by getting your players moving and preparing their bodies for the session ahead. The coach the feeds balls onto the players forehand who is aiming to slice the ball down the line into the tram lines. This helps to perfect the technique, without worrying on the movement or too much about when the ball ends up. The next practice follows a similar vein but the coach and player play close into the net to develop the players touch with the slice.

As the session progresses, it begins to incorporate movement and footwork before the shot. The drill allows the play to recognise the benefit of taking some pace out of the point and approaching the net to then win the point. The final part see’s the player practice applying and returning balls with differing spin on them.

After a final warm down and discussion, your players will have an extra weapon in their armoury to dictate the point.

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