Drill Categories

Ruck Clear Out Drills

A ruck clear out involves players removing their opposition from the ruck to allow a quick pass to be made and avoid turnovers. The ruck and clear out...

Tag Rugby Drills

Use the tag rugby drills and games (also referred to as touch rugby) to boost your junior players' passing, off-loading, and decision making ability. ...


Fast Footwork

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Fast Footwork Agility & Running Skills Setup as shown. 2 groups with one ball per group. The first players in each group sprint to the second b...

Footwork Into 1 V 1

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Footwork into 1 v 1 Agility & Running Skills The aim of the drill is to develop SAQ And beating a defender.

Drop Kick With Footwork

category: Kicking

Rugby Drop Kick with Footwork Kicking The aim of the drill is to improve your feet work prior the kick .

Footwork In The Drop Punt

category: Kicking

Rugby Footwork in the Drop Punt Kicking The aim of the drill is to develop kickers feetwork into kick.

Attacking Footwork And Tackling 3

category: School

Rugby Attacking footwork and tackling 3 School Drill can be full contact. Make sure the defender gets back to his feet quickly after the tackle to pr...

Footwork And Handoff 3

category: School

Rugby Footwork and handoff 3 School To challenge the attackers, get the 2nd player to put them under pressure.

Attacking Footwork And Tackling 2

category: School

Rugby Attacking footwork and tackling 2 School Defender should try and keep shoulders square, close down space and focus on the attackers hips. Attac...

Footwork And Handoff

category: School

Rugby Footwork and handoff School Vital skills to beat a defender and get the football. Ball is needed. Players must do it at full speed. Key players...

Web Videos

Best rugby steps | 2014 ᴴᴰ

It's here everyone! I did my best to find the best steps and footwork from the many talents across rugby union and league. Including competitions such...


Skill Drills!

Work on your player's individual skills with this session, with a variety of fun drills!



Community Drills

Isolated - Footwork

The slalom race is a mixture of different quick footwork and agility runsthis will include: slalom - where they player has to side step their way thro...