Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The aim of the drill is to develop kickers footwork and body position into kick.
  • The goal is to execute the full kicking motion and control the balls trajectory (aiming for the coaches chest).

Coaching points

  • Get in position early with hips behind ball.
  • Have the player position the ball close to the body, lengthen the spine (tall body position).
  • keep chest over the ball.
  • The plant foot should strike the ground with the heel first to establish a stable and strong body angle.
  • Focus on arms extended out on the drop and good kick connection
Faults with kicking technique are clear to see at 0.53 in the video.
  • Body position is cramped and doesn't allow extension of the kicking leg
  • The payers plant foot sees him on his toes which causes several errors including poor ball position and body not being over the ball
  • Promotes a stabbing like action which is a major fault in a drop punt


  • Extend the kicking distance (10, 20, 30 meters etc).
  • Only once the player gets comfortable with the fundamentals of the technique should you extend the distance.
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