Developing Invasive Attacking Skills

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Get your players on the front foot with this attacking session! It's time to start thinking quickly and making key decisions, working together as a team by improving communication and showing good handling.

This session will take your players through the attacking invasive skills needed to get past the opposition, exposing and exploiting any space free, as well as turning over possession quickly.

What's in the session?

Warm up your players and get them starting to think of ways to beat the opposition, such as the fake. Go through the session and start improving your team's depth, making sure they are communicating with one another with drills such as Race to cone.

Encourage your players to attack the space, identifying any weaknesses in the opposition, making full of use of their footwork to get past and take the attacking chance!

Make the most of the attacking opportunity with this session!

This session is available as part of an Interactive Coaching Pack, scroll down to learn more

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