Handling Skills

category: Ball-handling

Rugby League Handling Skills Ball handling In pairs, stand facing each other, 3m apart. Pass the ball at waist height. How many passes can you make i...

Blind Catch - Ball Handling

category: Handling

Rugby Blind Catch - Ball Handling Handling The aim of the exercise is to develop ball control and reaction catching skills.


category: Ball-handling

Rugby League Grids Ball handling 1) Run out (2 steps) turn and pop ball to a support player. 2) Run out (2 steps) turn and let support player take it...

Guard The Ball

category: Handling

Rugby Guard the Ball Handling The player with the ball keeps it secured under one of his arms. The opposition player then works hard for ten seconds,...

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Position Specific Speed Training

Get your team the fastest and most agile out there. As the season deepens, we all need to stay on top of our game; make sure every position is covered...

Developing Handling Skills

Get your players handling skills super sharp so that no loose balls are given up. Gradually build up pressure to test their handling ability when conf...


Community Drills


Used as a cooloff from conditioningKeep working when tired on communication & ball handling. Pheriphal vision.

Working Round The Corner

Pod 1 carries the ball down channel 1 into the pads and going to ground creating a ruck2 support players clear out the padsThe scrum half then passes ...