Rugby Drill Demonstration


1. Square on: one hand 

Stand square on, in your partners pass the ball back and forth no more than 5m away from eachother, rember use 1 hand and start with ball on hip. 

2. Side on: one hand 

Same again but no stand side on. 

3. One step: two hands 

Same distance apart, introduce the second hand and take a step and pass try to do 10 off each hand. 


Coaching points

1. Square on: one hand 

Grip - hand back of the ball, fingers apart. 

Pass - finish with hand pointing at target, Do not force spin - let the ball roll off the fingers, Ball on hip - do not swing the ball - powerful motion from hip. 

2. Side on: one hand 

Grip: same as above 

Pass: same as above: use the non passing hand as an aim point and pass.

3. One step: two hands 

Step: Step with the outside foot (if step on inside will block the pass - more difficult) 

Grip:same as above, other hand just guides the pass same hand position, ball on hip. (the non power hand is a guidence - shouldnt add any power or spin) 

Pass: same as aobove but bow follow the pass, this will add power and accuracy. Over exagerate the finish with hands pointing at the target. 


Full process: catch pass --> head turns --> stay square --> ball on hip --> hands finish at target.


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