rugby coaching qualifications

rugby coaching qualifications

how do you obtain rugby coaching qualifications

Rugby CoachCoach
Rugby CoachCoach

Tim I'm not in England but I'd hazard a guess that yo find a local Club that has an affiliation with the iRB and go from there. I think you'll find Clubs that have qualified Educators who can get you going. You might be able to get some info from here%3A [link removed] think these days you have to do L1 which isn't hard an can then move onto to L2 which takes a bit more work and the opportunity to work with kids as it seems to be all about sticking to Key Points. Have fun.

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Tim Most Clubs in England should now have a Club Coaching Co-ordinator who is responsible for the coaching provision within their club. They will have access to the list of courses locally that would be most appropriate for you. They may also be organising some of the new CPD Courses at their club, which are 2-3 hour evening courses on specific subjects like Ruck + Maul, Continuity , etc. If you let me know the town that you live near I can send you a link to the appropriate website for your region. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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I am an RFU coach developer for the London North region. Before you're able to undertake any CPD or UKCC/RFU level course, you are required to undertake a RugbyReady course which is approx. 3hrs long and covers basic safety in coaching the contact side of the sport and incorporates warm up, body position, scrum, lineout, tackle, ruck, maul and cool down. Only when you receive your RugbyReady cert will you be accepted onto the level 1 course.

The CPD courses come after level 1 and are aimed at coaches wishing to progress to level 2 or just who want more knowledge of the game. CPD isn't really new and have been running for years, its only that the RFU have now put them into a framework for coaches to look towards achieving higher levels.

The best place to look for courses is the RFU website. If you go to the coaches page, and click on your region you will find all courses being run in your area and details of how to book. However, your first step on the ladder is to do the RugbyReady course, then once you achieve a level 1 cert, you can then look at the CPD courses as you will require evidence of attending these to go onto the level 2 course.

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Tim.. i started watching my kids losing Rugby games one after the other..till one day i decided to go to the coach of my child,of the specific school... he welcomed me and all i did was to assist him..small tasks.... soon he realised i know a lot... he asked me to take the team and he will observe , yes i agreed...i think after 2 games the school send me to sa Rugby training at newlands for a cource.... see if u can't do the same just make sure... i must say i am still coaching.. and promise u the simplest methods of coaching with kids.. straight running and ball handling very very important, even with contact... i try to keep children on their feet not on the ground...if a child don't know how to play with a rugby ball teach him no matter how poor he is... i've seen results..remember the better the weak the better the best. nice day

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Tim, I own a 1977 RFU Coaching Award and I would like to have an IRB qualification. I have been a coach in Portugal for many years, with a national club (GD Direito), a regional club (RC Lousã) and the National U-19 in 1978-79 and 1979-80. Will this award have any equivalence to the the IRB system?

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