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Is there a U7s rugby union coaching plan for week by week

Is there a week by week coaching plan for the U7s? It’s my first time coaching and need some advice and plans. Where do I start? What do I do every week to get them ready for the season
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Hi Liz, 

When starting out with under-7's, it's important to understand that it is difficult to keep youngsters in overly-structured positions and games. 

You want to be encouraging them to recognise the benefits of the general skills. Evasive skills and early handling techniques are vital, therefore, starting with agility drills like 'Ball Tag' in a warm-up will let them understand the movements to not get tackled.

Next, try playing games like 5v5 tag rugby attached below. This drill will encourage the youngsters to realise that they need to run forwards with the ball. It will also improve their handling skills, encouraging them to pass quickly after they've been tagged to help understand the value of accurate passing and quick hand as their game develops. 

This will also give them some awareness of other around them which is obviously a vital skill to have as they develop. 

Continue working these areas and keep them interested with short, fun practices. 

There are multiple sessions on Sportplan Rugby to help!

I hope this gives you some ideas!

5 v 5 tag rugby

Video / Animation
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2 teams. 5 players on each team in a large coned area. Area size depends on age, ability, and number of players in each team.

Team with the ball attempts to score a try by running forwards and passing the ball behind them to their team mates, whilst trying to avoid being tackled.

If the player with the ball is tagged, play stops and restarts by the player passing the ball to a team mate. Play continues.

If the team carrying the ball is tagged 5 times, or drops the ball it is turned over to the opposition.

Playing time can vary dependent on age range of players.

Award 1 point for each try scored.

Coaching Points:

Good passing and movement between players.

Encourage players to spread out, and make full use of the playing area.

Draw defenders and pass the ball.

Team mates to support each other.


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  • search our library of 650+ rugby drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
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