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Everybody loves a good race when it comes to shuttle running or relaying try time

Shuttle runs is just the basic shuttle running to all the cones touching them as you get to them then running back to the beginning then to the next one so on, then once touched all the cones head back and tag your team mate in to let them start their run, until every one has been through once the winning team is the people who have completed first and they reach the front of the queue once again - this will help the children with coordination and spacious awareness when touching cones to head back. The team will be encouraging at all times again and making as much cheer and shouting for them. It doesn't matter who is fastest it it helping those littler children see progression and that it will help them improve massively when up against someone who is a bit older etc.

Relay try time is the same as shuttle running but with the added try time at each cone, they will head back as normal pick the ball up as they run back to ball then put it down on the next cone so on. This will help the children with ball handling whilst running and getting used to scoring a try and using two hands to put the ball down with control.

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