category: Sevens

Rugby Attack/Defend Sevens Tell your players the following...... Players will standing at the midway point of the playing area. Tell each team which ...

5 Attacks 3

category: Sevens

Rugby 5 Attacks 3 Sevens Using cones mark out the four corners and the midways points of each side of a 20 x 20 meter training area. Divide your play...

7'S Colour Touch

category: Sevens

Rugby 7's Colour Touch Sevens Tell your players the following..... The attack will remain in attack for 5 minutes, you'll then switch over. Normal ru...

7'S Fitness Handling

category: Sevens

Rugby 7's Fitness Handling Sevens Tell them the following...... The ball carrier will run forward with the ball, their partner will go with them in s...

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7's switch

Andra centern löper innåt och får bollen av uthalv.Uthalven lopar runt och får tillbaka bollen.1 centern löper utåt och skapr luckan. Kommer troligen ...

7's klunghalv lopp

Uthalven saxar med första centern.Förtsa centern springer hårt mot motståndar uthalven.Där saxar hon med klunghalven. som tar luckan eller passr till ...