How do I coach women the game of rugby?

How do I coach women the game of rugby?

I just finished my collegiate rugby career. I feel inspired I would love to coach rugby to women in countries that have a lower popularity of women's rugby. How do I get started?

Rugby CoachCoach
Rugby CoachCoach

To get started, it would be best to contact the local Rugby sporting association's. They will be able to give you the contacts to your local clubs. 

It would make things alot easier if you go through a club. Tell them you want to coach women. Ask the ladies through the local association's if they would like to play rugby. Set up training sessions and ask to ladies to come along and check it open. From there get the local paper to do a story about you wanting to get women involved in the sport.

If there is no competition going in the area, seek to start a comp yourself. Set a date to play a gala day. Make sure you teach all of the team's the rules of the sport, (atleast four weeks of sessions) so the players are confident before playing a game. Have them play the gala day. From there you'll find, there will be a good interest or not. Further if you want to travel around teaching rugby, well this would be a good plan to take with you.

This is going off my own experience. I started 2 Women's Rugby League comps, and they are successful competition's and have been running for 6 years now. Best of luck I hope it all works out for you.

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hi jennifer i coached womens rugby for 13years, i found touch the best way to start, adding some drills in near the end also helps. you can build from there to introduce either ruck,maul,or scrag touch.hope this helps steve

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In the interests of safety (and also to see your players' character) you'll want to do full contact practice a couple times a week. Girls don't normally learn how to tackle when they are young like the boys, so they'll be starting from scratch. If you don't you'll have a lot of "huggers" or concussions. Also, check the area for existing High School women's teams. Once you catch that rugby bug, it's hard to shake. You may already have a team, they just need organized! Hope this helps!

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Come to China. I'm a male teacher coaching a 7s rugby team in China. We have been playing for nearly 2 years and are looking for a replacement coach. You gotta teach a well though. I will be leaving to return to NZ at the end of this semester. Womens rugby is very new here aside from the foreign expat teams and the sport is just developing. However with 7s being included in the 2016 Olympics interest is being generated. If your interested you can email me on in profile... for futher information.

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Hi Jennifer

I have been coaching my clubs Ladies squad for three seasons now and each season we find we have new recruits. While this is great for the womens game it does lend itself to holding back some of the more senior ladies within the squad. I recommend sending them all on the IRB Rugby Ready course if available in your area. This gives them an introduction to safety on the field tackling correctly getting your head in the right position etc. Although the course is primarily aimed at those going into coaching I find that the girls come back morwe confident in their approach to the contact area of the game. With this out of the way start from the basics such as passing the ball and developing from there. Hope it helps or e-mail me at in profile...

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