Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The first group of 4 starts at the top of the grid, moving forward. The ball should be with the outside player, who makes a short pass in to his supporting runner, who then makes a long pass to the next receiver in the other short passing box, they will then make a short pass to the last receiver. The players realign and do the same again in the opposite direction.
  • When they get to the end of the grid, they go around the cones to their starting position, while the next group goes.
  • They should change position in the line, and when ready, they start again.

Coaching points

  • Short passes are not spun.
  • Long passes should be spun.
  • Passes are weighted correctly.
  • Receivers hands should be out, providing a target.
  • Players come onto the ball at pace.
  • Communicate should be at the heart of the attack.
  • Heads should be up.

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