Rugby Drill Demonstration


The sequence of passing on this exercise is as following......

  1. P2 passes to P1, who passes to P4 using a pass from the ground.
  2. As the same time P3 passes to P2 who passes to P1, who passes to P3, from the ground.
  3. and so the exercise continues.
  • There should be no delay in passes.

Coaching points

  • This exercise should be preformed at pace.
  • Receivers hands should be out and ready to catch.
  • Communication aids the speed of the exercise, while encouraging players.
  • Players should not be afraid to make mistakes, but help them to identify what they can change.
  • Passes are correct in terms of selection, weighting, distance, accuracy, and timing.
  • SH furthest foot from the receiver is close to the ball, they are low, drawing the pass in one motion from the ground towards the target without lifting the ball.
  • All SH players to experiment with their pass.

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