Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following.....

  1. Both the pad and attacking units will jog within the grid, the players in the attacking units don't have to stay together, but must work together on the coaches call.
  2. When the coach blows the whistle the attacking units must locate a pad, and hit that pad creating a ruck.
  3. The first player, the ball carrier hit, the second player rucks over, and the third player picks up the ball calling the rest of the players out of the ruck, they start jogging again.
  4. The second defending player works to steel the ball as soon first attacking player hits. The pad holding defender can also drop their pad and compete for the ball.

Coaching points

  • Heads need to be up, and players need to be scanning the exercise area.
  • Communication and leadership my be at the heart of each attacking unit.
  • Rucks should be quick and completed within 3 seconds.
  • Players on the pads should compete, aiming to get hands on the ball. If they cannot rip the ball away, they should aim to draw the ball into the presenters body forcing a holding on call.
  • Supporting players should be close to the ball carrier.

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