Rugby Drill Demonstration


Using cones and tackle bags, mark out your training area as shown in the diagram. The tackle bags should be stood up, and at a distance away from the play that tests the strength of their pass.

Set 6 balls at each cone and divide your players into groups of 2, and allocate one group of 2 to each training area.

Tell your players that...

  • Each player has five tackle bags and six balls, the winner is the player that knocks down the most balls.

    A player cannot leave their cone and must knock the bags down by passing and hitting with the ball on the bag or the bag itself.

Coaching points

  • Passes need to be at speed and at target, this exercise is done at pace. It is a race
  • Players need to provide fast ball, it will take come force and accuracy to know the bag down
  • Passes need to be weighted correctly
  • Encourage players to play the game using both passing hands.
  • Allow passes to experiment with different passing techniques


Have enough training areas in order to keep your players busy and active.

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