Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following.....

  1. 3 players start on the right cones.
  2. The remaining 3 players will be running, they start at the top of the grid.
  3. The runner take the first ball off the player standing at the first cone, they pass it down the line while advancing to the second cone.
  4. At the same time the player on the cone, who passed the first ball, runs to the second cone on a loop to retake the ball. They remain at that cone for the runners to return.
  5. The same thing happens at the second and third cones.
  6. When the attack gets to the bottom of the grid, and they have finished all 3 lateral passing tasks - they turn and go again.
  • Change the runners and players on the cones when you're ready.

Coaching points

  • Attackers heads need to be up, ready for what will happen next.
  • Attackers realign following their pass.
  • There is pace in the attack, with receivers coming onto the ball at pace.
  • Each attacker communicate to call the pass, and to help other players to get into position etc.
  • Attackers should talk themselves through what needs to happen, help your players build an attacking framework e.g. deep, speed, catch, always listen, always look, pass, deep etc.

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