Boxing Out

category: Defence

Netball Boxing Out Defence *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Shooters to take shots at goal and deliberately miss to cause a rebound situation. Initially have t...

In And Out Star Pass

category: Passing

With a wealth of experience and as part of New Zealand's World Cup winning coaching team, Marg is ready to pass on her knowledge to answer your coach...

2 Vs 2

category: Small-games

The 2 defenders are only allowed in the Circle.

Attackers can move in and out of the circle as they wish but can only have one player at a t...

In And Out - Back Into Play Game

category: Group-practices

A good game for finishing sessions as it is short and fast paced. Play twice for 4 minutes at a time.

Play with normal rules, however each t...

Web Videos

The rules of netball - explained!

Ninh explains the Rules of Netball, the most popular female only sport played worldwide. A beginner's explanation of Olympic Netball Rules. Watch this...



Community Drills

Pass Back

Quick pass and catch movementC and GA work the ball in and out of the goal circleWD is an obstacleNot an intercepting drillC and GA must catch and pas...

Autosave 1916108

Standing sideways in and out 1 foot at a time1 foot in 1 foot out switching feet at the same time2 feet in 2 feet out eg open and close legs2 feet tog...

Warm Up

Taki Rua - catch and passIn and outs - 1 ball, then 2 balls6 work stations taki rua - 1 - shooting drill, 2 - clock, 3 - bounding hoops, 4 - spider, 5...