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What are the best drills to train my shooter to get free?

I have a tall girl who is a great shooter, but she struggles in getting free for the ball. Can you suggest any drills to help her with this.

Is it poor footwork, intimidated by defender, poor use of space, clashing with partner goalie?  It is a good idea to identify why she struggles to get free then you can develop/obtain drills to suit.  One simple excercise I use is "5 passes then shoot". Set up - 2 to 3 moving players in goal third outside circle passing one ball between themselves and in & out to defended goalies who compete for space and take a shot on the 5th pass in. Whoever gets rebound passes out to start again. Start with defenders moving but not actively contesting the pass in then build up to full contest. Encourage eyes up to the ball, holding for space, use of voice and hand signals. This exercise requires continual movement & communication by goalies and coach can easily direct/correct as it is happening. 

i also wonder if its just tall shooter laziness?  so many tall shooters just get use to standing where they like to shoot from and just call for the ball because they are use to not having to move...Romelda Aiken's would be a classic example of a top level player who rarely moves to get a ball because her height has always been how she gets it.  

if this is the case, then drills on getting her moving around the circle will do her the world of good.  there is one drill that would get her started would be one where you put cones about 1 metre apart around the edge of the circle and she has to run around the cone before taking a pass near the goal.  also have her doing drills for to get infront of her player (half/full spins are really good to get in front easily), turn. pass, split, to get her closer to the ring, and as Janet pointed out, the x number of passes before shooting drills.  this can be done with the GA or without.  if its with then you can decide if you are going to make it a combined number of passes or each shooter has to have a number of passes.  you could also add that each shooter must leave the circle x number of times to make it even tougher, and lastly add the defence back in.

but as Janet pointed out, you must first determine why she isn't moving, so you can come up with a coaching plan on how to rectify it.

good luck.

Thank you for your answers! She is definately not lazy, this is her first season playing netball, and she is actually a great shooter (she is a basketballer) I think she is just a bit lost as to what to do, where to go, and how to move in the circle.  We are working on it, she is keen to learn. I think your ideas will help. Thank you.

I have had  a couple of experiences with basketballers coming into netball for a change . With both players I noticed they could tend to become a bit too restricted in movement by the idea of having to stay within the goal circle, shooting from a stand still and the "minimal contact" aspect of the game.  Both had advanced skills but found the changes in style of play took a while to get used to. If this is similar to what your are experiencing running your player at GA would allow her to utilise her basketball skills as playing a basketballer in GS can be like clipping their wings in the early stages of transition. If you need her to be GS encourage full use of the whole circle including moving out & in again to set up the feeds to GA driving in. Basketballers don't often use diagonal in & out post drives to work the ball in (only have 3 seconds in the key so only have time for one offer in key to receive then shoot/exit) Any drills that get that footwork pattern understood and happening will be of great use e.g. cones around circle as Lee-anne suggest, figure of eight routine, alternate movement patterns with partner (front player moves, back player fills space created).

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