Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Get into pairs with one ball 
  • One player will be the feeder (F) and the other will be the worker (A)
  • The worker will drive back on an angle 
  • The feeder will then pass the ball to the opposite side the worker drove (e.g. if the worker drove back left, the feeder wouldd pass slightly right)
  • The worker will see this and flip out to receive the ball 

Coaching points

  • Ensure the worker commits to their drive backwards 
  • The worker needs to react off the feeder - they should not go too soon 
  • If the worker is going too soon, the feeder can decide to give the first ball (straight back) or to get the worker to flip out 
  • This drill helps the worker extend their vision so they can play off and get an interception elsewhere

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