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Best way to teach netball positions?

What is the best way to teach the positions to 8 year old first time players?

Hi Janine,

This previous question has loads of great advice for coaching new players, inlcuding a link to our free player positions sheet:

Player Positions - Roles and Responsibilities
Free to view: Player positions reference sheet for your beginners (this sheet compliments Magnificent Seven Session)
>> Click to view

Hope this helps!

Hi Janine I place the bibs on court in the correct positions then have a competition with the girls to see who can get to the correct position first when I call it out. I have also put the bibs in a bag have the players pull out one and go place it on court in the correct position.

I use the above session as a home work exercise for the girls to learn where they allowed I print out the sheets and give it to them..

To help them remember where they allowed once they are on court at the start of a game I get the four center court players to stand with the transverse line between their feet ie one foot in each third and say to them see where you feet are those are the two thirds you allowed in. I then tell them to look at their bibs and see if they have a G. I the explain that the C part of the G is the goal circle and the ] part of the G is the hoop. If they have a G it means they can go into the circle. 

Hope it makes sense. Good luck.

All good ideas above. Another good one for young players is to print out the court diagram and make one for each position. Write in bold the position and where they are on the court and shade in the area where they can run. Laminate them and they can be taken home and "studied" before games.  You may be able to find something like this online.


yeah i gave each of mine a pic of each position and a brief description and then gave them blank ones and asked them to colour them in (they still like to colour in at this age).  you could also make a drill where all the bibs are in the center circle, tell them which direction you are shooting, and blow the whistle and they have to go and get a bib and then run around the area they are allowed to play in.  there are lots of variations of these types of things.  having laminated pics to have on hand is good so when they go and pick up a bib they can see a shaded diagram of where they are allowed to go.

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