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I'm a 1st time coach, with a brand new team!

Hi everyone. I am a first time coach and my team knows nothing! where should I start and what drills would you recommend?

I found it helped that I emailed a copy of their positions to their parents the day before the game, including a court diagram showing where that position is allowed to play. That way they came prepared to the game knowing exactly where they were allowed to play and it saved having to answer the question 'where can I go?' 18 times whilst trying to also coach.

i have 6 members on my team of 10 (im coaching U11s) who have never stepped foot on a court and so i made up notes and questionaires about things they need to know before (like what Lisl mentioned above...court positions, basic rules, centre breaks, who takes a free pass, ect) and that way they had a small idea about what was about to happen.  best thing to start with is basic catching and throwing drills, find out who can shoot (if any) and do some shooting drills, basic defence, and pivoting.  each week work on a new skill that will help them to progress the ball down the court a little easier.  try and keep the girls in as similar positions in the beginning so as not to confuse them too much.  

good luck and well done for putting your hand up to coach.  it may be a thankless job, but it certainly does have its rewards.  my team had its first win last week.

Hello Lia,

We have a free reference sheet you might like to download and hand out to new players.

You can find the sheet by clicking below:

Player Positions - Roles and Responsibilities
Free to view: Player positions reference sheet for your beginners (this sheet compliments Magnificent Seven Session)
>> Click to view

Hope this helps!

thank you everyone - this all helps a lot.  I am finding that I am really nervous!


From a mum of 3 netballers, get the parents together and have a chat.  Explain to them how they are all learners, show/give them the info books/sheets, get them to discuss with their daughter, discuss code of conduct on sidelines for parents, get them to congratulate them on their enthusiasm and for trying especially in the early games, talk to parents that their child really has to listen and watch what is happening on court and get them to tell their child that. It's all about having fun and learning in the first year - winning is great but enthusiasm and trying is the best thing out.  It sounds a lot of things to do - but it's important to set things in place now at the beginning - and it has it's benefits later.  Parents and children will listen and respect you.  Have fun.  

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