I need some ideas for training nettas - especially court positions!

I need some ideas for training nettas - especially court positions!

I need some ideas for training nettas. Particulary on the positions on the court.

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Sharon MobiliaParent, Australia

I am coaching Netta for the first time this season. I'm starting off by giving them a picture of the court and getting them to write in the positions and colouring in where the positions are allowed to go. Then starting from the basics - Centre pass, then working their way up the court to the shooters and back again. Let them figure out the next move. When to attack/ defend etc.

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

i coach netsetgo and what i get them to do for a warm up, is i call out a position and tell them what way we are shooting, and they have to go and run around in that area in all the places that that position allowed to go.  as they get better you could change the direction of where youre shooting.  

i have also played follow the leader and jogged, hopped around the outside of the court telling them what position we are mapping out.  later i will get them to tell me.

i have also done what Sharon has suggested too (might thought want to give mum and dad a copy of the answers, as not all of them know, and the kids will need help)

Netball CoachCoach

I did the same colouring in.  But the first time I gave them a sheet with 7 courts on it with each position labelled and shaded where they were allowed to go.  Then I gave them that sheet. Then we progressed to 2 teams ie one red, and one blue and they had to put where the players were allowed to go.  Then I gave them a similar sheet with only some shaded and the others labelled.  So they coloured some and labelled other.  Kids love doing posters too!  

Also when doing a mini match in training, I gave them a bib and put them in their positions and told them all where they could go.  Then I played silly and asked questions ie.  can C go in the circle?  And asked each person.  Then told them the answer.  Made it kind of fun.  You can give out rewards if you think it will help.  It is all repetitive. 

They are keen at this age but lose concentration quickly.  So keeping it fun is key, making funnies when asking silly questions etc... Have fun

Cheryl CookCoach, Australia

AFter Many years of teaching Netta & NSG I have come up with where they can go on the court - starting at their position at the centre pass.  Where they stand they are only allowed to cross ONE line........  so WA starts behind the line and can then go into centre & goal third.   GA is the same  except anyone with a G on their bib is allowed in the circle.  GK & GS would start in the circle so they are only allowed to cross one line too, being the circle (only allowed to stay in Goal Third).  C is allowed to go everywhere, but cant go in the circle because they dont have a G on their bib.  Basically the court is in 5 parts utilizing the lines as the dividers.   I find this helps them a lot in remembering.  I also when they go on the court ask them where are they allowed to go? and most times remember the one line rule.

Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom

Hello Katie,

This week we've got two sessions that should be perfect for teaching your nettas the positions of the court:

  1. The magnificent 7 - Player position knowledge
    Teach positions and respective working areas through games
  2. Developing Player Positions - Roles & Responsibilities
    (Free to view) Player positions reference sheet for your beginners

Hope these help!
The Sportplan Team

Netball CoachCoach

Does anyone have a rotation sheet for Nettasfor 7,8,9,10 players

Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom

Hi Julie,

Here are some old answers we've had on how to rotate players in a team:

  1. How to do a roster to rotate 10 netball players?
  2. Best to rotate players or leave them in 1 position to gain experience?
  3. Rotate 9 players in an U15 team (none want to play defence)?
  4. How do I rotate a team of 8 players?

Hope they help!
The Sportplan Team

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