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Helping shy timid players

How do I bring the best out in a shy timid girl. To speed up her passing and to call names would help to start with any suggestions. Under 11s.


I had a very shy and timid player in an U13 team i coached a few years ago.  by the end of the season she had come out of her shell and got onto a rep team as GA the year after.  Its all about giving them confidence in their skills.

If she is new to the team, have you considered getting the team together for some team bonding days, that help cement a close friendship amongst ALL girls, and elliminate any clicks in the team.  something completely not netball related, or team day to watch your states netball team is also good.

as for at training, play games where you score points for calling for the ball, or you only have 2 seconds to catch and then release (make sure there is no defence in the beginning so that the options are easier to spot), play relay games where you have to catch and pivot and back again.  its amazing how fast they pass when they have to beat the other team.  you can then try dividing the court in half, and do a similar exercise, without them being in a line, but spread out on the court and say they have to get the ball to the other end in x number of passes, and all passes need to be at least x distance, or x number of passes per 1/3.  and they are racing the other team do so.  if someone doesnt call for the ball then you have to start again.  

as you can see, everytime you have an issue that needs addressing, you just turn it into a fun game against another team, and you will be surprised how quickly they learn.

hope that helps.

Thanks Lee-anne's for the advice funny I have training today and was going to do that game you suggested I found it posted on here a few days ago.

thanks again.

no probs, and let me know how it goes.  hope she improves.  the biggest part is getting her to feel confident in her skills and that her team supports her.  Me and my other coach put a lot of effort into making out team a very fun and friendly team, that even when one player has bad game, that the team helps and supports them through it.  we are seeing some amazing results in one of our more timid players is actually really starting to get some fire in her belly and defend hard.  she may never have a full on hunger for the ball, but at least she is engaging in the game and getting the face of her opponent and making life difficult.  is great to see kids develop that way.

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