Creating a clear Shooting opportunity

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This plan improves your players' movement in and around the circle getting them to hit the target and fine tune their shooting technique.

We set the posts up all around the pitch and the players loved this session as they all got an opportunity to work on their shooting.

Verena, Editor of Sportplan Netball

By getting your players to interchange quickly - cutting in and out of the circle - they will be able to open up gaps in the opposition's defence and create space receive the ball closer the pole.

Once your players have the ball inside the shooting circle they'll have to be fast - they've only got a couple of seconds until they're being marked and the shooting opportunity gone!

Have your players got what it takes to be shooting superstars? Find out with this shooting session.

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Session Comments:
Creating a clear Shooting opportunity
Linda Pike
Australia Linda Pike
really good ideas. thank you
Creating a clear Shooting opportunity
mandy collings
England mandy collings
I will try this at our next session.
ruby 24/01/2015 21:13
i will try this to but is them netball things you could do by yourself or just with parrtner
Creating a clear Shooting opportunity
Brenda Blanc
England Brenda Blanc
Good session

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